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Certain brands and models justify the expense of complete restoration. However, many pianos refurbished to a high level of perfection I would not consider a good financial investment. In this case, it is more or less done as an expense because "you love it".

What is Piano Restoration?

Good Question.....Well I would consider an overhaul to consist of any job which requires removing part or all of the piano from your home so that work can be completed in a shop situation. Below I have listed the basic categories of jobs typically done. Each job can be done on an individual basis, as not all pianos need every aspect restored to satisfy your particular need. Complete restorations are often best saved for piano brands of value, or in the case of a family heirloom. Brands of particular value need to be restored in ways that the value is maintained. Of course any family heirloom can be restored to different levels of perfection, however, you cannot make a concert piano out of one that never was one to begin with. So I think family heirlooms in particular, can be brought back to life, but do not absolutely need to be restored to the level of a concert piano.

Piano Action Overhaul

  • Key top cleaning of Ivory keys / refinishing of black keys.
  • Replacement of key tops with new plastic key tops / New Ebony or Plastic Sharps.
  • Re-shaping of hammers and re-voicing of hammers / replacement of hammers
  • Key bushing replacement / back check felt / leather replacement
  • Damper felt replacement
  • replacement of worn action parts and or bushings
    *all jobs listed above quoted by estimate only

Piano String Replacement

  • replacement of bass, treble strings / full string replacement
    *all jobs listed above quoted by estimate only

Sound Board Repair

  • crack repair
  • removal of plate, restoration of sound board and refinishing of plate and soundboard
  • Soundboard replacement
  • Bridge repair / replacement
  • *all jobs listed above quoted by estimate only

Pin Block Repair

  • repair pins no longer holding tune
  • removal of plate and restoration of existing pin block **
  • Pin block replacement **
  • **(plate and sound board refinished if needed)
    *all jobs listed above quoted by estimate only

Cabinet Structure

  • Repair week or broken aspects of cabinet

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